The second transnational meeting in Poland for the Well-School-Tech project has been hosted by the University of Lodz from the 29 to 30 May, 2017. The main subject of discussion has been the production of the first project intellectual output, the Collection of Best Practices for Well Being Management in educational contexts.

The partners presented the results of their national research, through which the key factors for mental well-being at school were also identified and listed. The creation of the final product will be carried out by the coordinating organisation, the University of Vilnius (Vilniaus Kolegija).
The obtained findings will be the basis for the development of the Manual for Wellbeing Management at School, addressed to secondary school teachers and the Well School Tech Pedagogical Tool that will include multimedia resources to use with the students.
From the new school year opening, in September, partner organizations will work in close cooperation with the teachers, who will support the implementation in their classrooms of the programme, developed through the project.
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