According to the project’s Intellectual Outputs, all the good practices collected in the research phase  are adapting and shaping in a programme supported by multimedia resources. These include interactive exercises, videos, apps.

Promimpresa is the partner responsible of this output IO3 – Well-School-Tech pedagogical tool.


The aim is to provide teachers and students with user-friendly tools to use in the classroom that are more attractive for young people. The multimedia material will mainly focus on the following topics:

- effective communication

- problem solving

- self awareness


By improving these skills students will be able to communicate pleasant and unpleasant feelings effectively, use problem solving strategies for practical and personal problems, including anger management, control of and reaction to aggressive behavior.

The app will be available at the link 

The children have the chance to put just their name and age and then start to use the pedagogical tool.

The app is structured in 8 main topics:

-          Decision making;

-          Coping with anger and aggressiveness;

-          Stress management;

-          Self esteem and awareness;

-          Collaboration and teamwork skills;

-          Empathy;

-          Communication skills;

-          Conflict resolution.

For each topic it is provided an explanation of the  meaning and of the pedagogical approach based on:

-          Video;

-          Tests;

-          Exercises.

In this way, the children will acquire all the information about the topics and will be able to improve their skills and to deal with the different situations and enhance mental/psicological wellbeing.


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