IO3 - Well-School-Tech pedagogical tool

The good practices collected in the research phase will be adapted and shaped in a programme supported by multimedia resources. These will include interactive exercises, videos, apps. The aim is to provide teachers and students with user-friendly tools to use in the classroom that are more attractive for young people. The multimedia material will mainly focus on the following topics:
- effective communication
- problem solving
- self awareness
By improving these skills students will be able to communicate pleasant and unpleasant feelings effectively, use problem solving strategies for practical and personal problems, including anger management, control of and reaction to aggressive behavior.

The App

The App is one of the educational tools created during the project, that will be used as homework and assessment of learning objectives by the target group – it is an online resource to work with the students.

The students can inscribe in the App (necessary information: name and age) and can start the on line educational training after choosing among the following eight topics:

  • Decision Making
  • How to cope with anger and aggressiveness?
  • Stress management
  • Self esteem and self awarness
  • Collaboration and team work skills
  • Empathy
  • Communication skill
  • Conflict Resolution

They can learn more about these topics (through textual materials and videos) and then they can assess their level of skills through the exercices.

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