Innovative Aspects

The innovative aspects of the project concern open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era. In fact, the project aims to provide teachers with the appropriate competencies and tools to monitor and manage the level of mental wellbeing of secondary school students. The exchange of knowledge and expertise among partners was the starter point to create an innovative pedagogical tool on the basis of already developed practices in the field of mental well-being management in school. The selected educational material is developed and adapted to multimedia resources. The programme uses a learner centred approach involving the target group in the development of the educational tools addressing them. ICT methodologies are integrated in order to foster the involvement of students with more attractive resources and with ITC-based teaching and learning methods.

The new pedagogical tools support educators in dealing with complex classroom realities and in preventing problem behaviours, by enabling the target group to:

-acquire and / or improve the ability to define personal goals,

-be able to communicate pleasant and unpleasant feelings effectively,

- use problem solving strategies for practical and personal problems, including anger management, control of and reaction to aggressive behaviour (e.g bullying).


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