Promimpresa Srl

Promimpresa srl  is a company which provides and promotes  services for enterprises.
Our corporate Headquarters is located in San Cataldo (CL) but we have other offices in Palermo, Bologna and Milan.
Promimpresa clients are public entities, manufacturing and service companies, organizations operating in the field of public and private health (Promimpresa signed an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Health that allows us to implement courses addressed to professionals working in the health service ).
Our services are:
Continuous education for enterprises, with a special focus on foreign language courses.
Training programmes for unemployed people  (i.e. vocational education)
Recruitment  (Employment Agency for the activities of Research and Recruitment, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labour)
On line courses (Promimpresa is an e-learning center point of the Telematic University “Pegaso”)
Our main purpose is supporting and assisting a company during its path of development, providing qualified assistance and monitoring of all activities.
Promimpresa offers  training for employees working  for private companies or local authorities and it can be on-demand (content, objectives and duration of the courses), all the details  are determined by the customer.  Promimpresa’s  task is  setting an ad hoc training related to the needs of its customers.
Promimpresa promotes a training approach based on "learning by doing" or on learning systems based on words, images, direct experience, comparison and evaluation.
Our courses are addressed to various levels of the customer organizations, from top management to executives, from technical specialists  to the professional sector  (employees and workers). We adopt  appropriate teaching methodologies, in order to meet the specific needs of each of  the target group.
Our project experience is based on several ESF projects, mostly in the field of employment of women and young people. Concerning LLP projects, we have experience in Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig projects in the field of intercultural dialogue and in strengthening the use of languages at European level.
Promipresa has a large experience in managing training courses and also international mobilities, being involved in several LLP projects, both in sending and hosting activities (of large groups of people).



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