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How To Create a Wikipedia Page and Make Your School Famous

1 year 3 weeks ago - 1 year 3 weeks ago #269 by harrywills
harrywills created the topic: How To Create a Wikipedia Page and Make Your School Famous
1. Research your school to make sure that it meets Wikipedia's notability requirements. Wikipedia has very specific criteria for what makes something notable enough for a page.

2. Create A Wikipedia Profile . You need to have an account to create and edit pages, and you must have an account to create a page.

3. Read the Wikipedia Manual of Style and the Wikipedia article structure. This will help you to format your page correctly and make sure that you don’t make any mistakes.

4. Create a draft of the page. You can create the draft on your own computer or use the Wikipedia sandbox.

5. Search for other pages related to your school. This will help you to get an idea of what you need to include on your page and how to format it.

6. Start writing the page. Make sure you include all the relevant information, such as the school’s history, location, and notable alumni.

7. Add references and sources. All the information you include must be cited to reliable sources.

8. Submit the page for review. Once you’ve finished writing the page, you can submit it for review.

9. Promote the page. Once your page is approved, you can start promoting it. Use social media, email, and other channels to get the word out about your school’s Wikipedia page.
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